Sexual Battery

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Any non-consensual oral, vaginal or anal penetration by the sex organs of other individual is called Sexual Battery. Unwanted vaginal or anal penetration using any other object also refers to the term. Other than this, sexual touching, groping or contact is also a form of Sexual Battery. In most cases, victim is forced to engage in the sexual act by using different means including intimidation, violence, threats and coercion to name a few. Victim sustaining injury or damage to the body is quite common.

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The judges as well as prosecutors never take sex crimes casually and the charges are put on trial to the full extent of law. Sexual Battery is a criminal act and the convict faces a number of different severe punishments that include fines, community service, probation, mandatory registration as sex offender, mandatory counseling and prison.

The point to understand here is that the crime is one of the easiest to fabricate. What might seem offensive to one may be a means of having fun for other. You life would be completely destroyed in case there is any false accusation. The accused is generally ignored and rejected by the community. He also faces a lot of other issues including crippled personal relationships, restricted future opportunities, loss of employment and a spoiled reputation among others.

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