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Embezzlement is a criminal offense that involves using deceit or other clandestine means to unlawfully obtain money from one’s employer or company. Most often committed by accountants, managers or other individuals in positions of responsibility, embezzlement typically includes numerous complex financial transactions and paper trails that may be difficult to follow. Once suspected of embezzlement, your employment may be placed on suspension. You may even be terminated.

Facing potential criminal charges as well as the possibility of having to pay back the money that you have been accused of taking can leave anyone in fear for their future.  Tennessee Criminal Attorney James A.H. Bell understands what you are going through. As  an experienced Tennessee defense lawyer, he will act as strong advocate for our clients’ rights in the face of serious embezzlement charges. We represent clients throughout Knox County and the surrounding areas in Eastern Tennessee, and we offer a free consultation to help you better understand what our firm can do to assist you.

Embezzlement Defense Lawyer Serving Knoxville, TN

If you have been accused of embezzlement, we highly recommend that you consult a lawyer as soon as possible. Negotiations with your employer can begin immediately in order to mitigate potential losses that you may face. Your lawyer can also launch an investigation in order to gather evidence that can disprove these allegations altogether. There is no obligation or charge when you contact my firm for your initial consultation. With our experience in this field, coupled with our determination to effectively represent our clients’ interests, you will find that you get the service and representation you deserve.

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With your employment, future and freedom on the line, it is crucial to work with an Tennessee embezzlement lawyer that will have your best interests in mind at all times.

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