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Possession, cultivation, or distribution of cocaine is illegal in Tennessee and all other states in USA and conviction can include several years in prison along with huge fines and supervised release.

In Tennessee, cocaine is listed as a Schedule II controlled substance and punishment related to possession of cocaine can be severe, hence if you are charged with cocaine possession an experienced trial attorney who has the experience, knowledge and skill can help you mount an aggressive defense against prosecution.

If you are charged with possession of cocaine then it is a serious matter and there is a risk of prison sentence along with stress and tension related to any such criminal proceedings. One of our criminal defense lawyers can help you work through your legal defense options during this difficult time. Our attorneys understand that no two cases are same and we recognize the fact we cannot generalize a case. Every case is treated as unique by our attorneys and provide a personalized consultancy, solution and attention to every case.
Our attorneys will look into all the evidence collected by prosecution and help refute any charges that can be proven null and void in court of law

Tennessee cocaine possession penalties

Penalties for possession of cocaine are severe and if there is any prior record then conviction can be even hefty. These penalties are for simple possession i.e. possessing only small amount of cocaine or casual exchange of cocaine i.e. exchanging heroine with someone but no money has been traded. These misdemeanors are classified under Class A misdemeanor offence which has a jail term up to one year and fines up to $2500. However if you already have a drug abuse charge against you then  the charges can be escalated up to Class E felony and can take imprisonment up to 6 years and up to $3000 fines.

How can we help if you have been charged with a drug crime in Tennessee

Our lawyers will always fight for your innocence however sometimes it my be in your best interest to try to move your case to special drug courts that some counties offer which are designed for rehabilitation rather than punishment. In these instances rather than jail time, the offender is placed under a strict supervision period. These can include things such as

● Frequent check-ins with the court
● Random drug tests
● Mandatory employment
● Drug treatment
● Mental health treatment

Although these drug court programs are not easy but it is much better than prison time.

The criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices Of James A.H. Bell are here to help you.

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