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The punishment related to child pornography and child abuse is hefty and more often than not results in prison time and penalties that can affect your complete life. A convict with child abuse gets listed on the sexual offender registry and is under lifetime probation which also includes heavy restriction on where you live in future.

If you have been charged with such charges then a highly qualified and experienced defense attorney is your only hope if you wish to get proper justice.
We at Law Offices Of James A.H. Bell, PLLC have decades of experience in fighting such cases and have dedicated professionals who will fight for your justice and protect your quality of life. We provide personalized service and unwavering commitment to excellence

Complete investigation of Child Molestation

Our criminal defense attorneys are truly committed to our clients welfare and we will thoroughly investigate charges put up against you and examine all the proof presented by the prosecution.

We will examine any motive behind such accusation and work with the authorities in order to uncover all the evidence. Our experienced attorneys completely understand child’s psychology and their malleable memory and ensure that all correct information is gathered from the child. We will also pursue all biological evidence presented by prosecution and make sure of their credibility

Penalties related to Child Abuse

A charge under the Penal Code makes it a crime to touch a child under the age of 14 with a sexual intent. Every discreet act of touching with sexual intent can be charged as a separate count. Under the law, a child under 14 cannot consent; therefore the child's "consent" to the touching is not a defense. Nor is there a defense of mistaken age of the child, even if the child appeared to be and/or claimed to be much older.

The penalties related to child abuse are very high and in most of the cases there is no opportunity for parole or probation. Once a person has been convicted under this charge the offender has to be listed on sex offender registry for at least 10 years and with internet this can virtually be a lifetime of pain

Child Molestation is a serious charge and this not only carries jail term but also has severe social consequences. This can completely ruin an innocent person’s life; hence it is very important to work with an experienced attorney who has years of successful experience fighting such cases. Our attorneys can do just that for you and are recognized all over state for their skill and determination.

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