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Possessing, distributing, producing or selling child pornography is a very serious sex crime. Not only is this offense serious because of the extensive penalties that may be enforced, it is also very serious because of the nature of the offense itself. Because the victims are children, the judge and jury may be instinctively inclined to side with the prosecution. Law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney may be harsher in their treatment of the defendant and more persistent in their pursuit of a conviction.

A person convicted of an offense relating to child pornography may face a long term of imprisonment, heavy fines, probation and other penalties. He or she may also face sex offender registration, a lifetime commitment that can ruin your reputation, employment opportunities and ability to obtain certain loans. You may be prohibited from working in certain fields or living or working near schools or playgrounds. The social repercussions of sex offender registration are also disastrous.

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The consequences of a child pornography conviction are extremely serious, but you have the right to retain skilled legal counsel. A criminal defense lawyer experienced with child pornography cases in your area can review your charges and determine what can be done to protect your rights and interests. With an attorney’s help you have the very real opportunity of avoiding maximum penalties or a conviction altogether.

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