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Knoxville TN Criminal Defense Attorney / Lawyer

The Law Offices of James A.H. Bell we utilize the latest technology to investigate and prepare your case for trial.  Our firm uses the most up to date computer assisted legal research available for research and writing.  Technology has revolutionized the practice of law.  From complex animated accident reconstruction to multi-media presentations, juries and judges have come to expect proficient and professional visual and audio demonstrations of evidence and exhibits.

The Law Offices Of James A.H. Bell utilizes the services of private investigators to assist in uncovering and interviewing witnesses and developing helpful evidence to support our case.  Thorough investigation and preparation as well as direct client contact are the hallmarks of this firm.  These resources, combined with the skill and knowledge of an experienced attorney will ensure that your case is handled with diligence and care.

The attorneys at our firm are committed to vigorous and zealous representation of his clients using all the tools and technology available.  This commitment levels the playing field against the vast resources the government and insurance companies have at their disposal.

Our commitment is to vigorously represent you at every stage.  Our goal is to handle your case in a discrete manner that produces just results.

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