Administrative License Defense

If you hold a professional license with the State of Tennessee, and have received a Notice of Charges, or you have been informed that your conduct is under scrutiny from one of the state boards or their investigators, you should not provide any information unless and until you have consulted with an experienced lawyer to contend with the allegations. In Tennessee sanctions could result in your license being revoked, or suspended. In some cases you may receive a public censure. Tennessee licensing boards are charged with the authority to conduct investigations into wrong doing within the professional setting, and once that license is revoked, it is extremely difficult to have it reinstated. Some clients view the loss of their professional license as a death penalty on their ability to earn a living, to promote their craft, or engage in their profession.

There are numerous defenses to the investigation on one’s professional license that a layman cannot advance without the guiding hand of legal experienced counsel. Those defenses can be as simple as proving that you were not at your job when the alleged incident  occurred. However, those defenses are few and far between cases. The more usual defense is that the conduct did not give rise to a violation of professional standards, or that the action did not violate the standard of care in the community in which you hold the professional license.

Litigation is expensive, and it is best to contend with the legal issues early on with an experienced lawyer as once the matter proceeds to a hearing before an administrative board, the expense of the defense becomes more burdensome. Often a good lawyer will attempt to allow the client to continue within his profession while the matter is pending, so that there is not a complete disruption by a summary suspension of professional license under the guise that the conduct is a continual threat to the public.

Should you learn that you have been the target of an investigation involving your professional license, please contact the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, P.C. immediately so that arrangements can be made to aggressively protect your professional license.